How do I attach Waly Wag to my leash?

You can either use the tight snap on the end of the webbed strap, at the top of the bag, looping it around your webbed strap of your existing leash handle, or you can loop it around the plastic of your retractable leash and snap it in place.

Another idea is to weave the end of your webbed strap, at the top of the Waly Wag bag, under and through the double D-rings. When cinched tight, this can allow a tighter grip on the bag and will make for smoother bag movement while walking or jogging with your dog.

How do I attach the Waly Wag bag to a cross body strap?
Simply attach the clips to the D-ring, then slip the cross body over your neck and under one arm, crossing the chest and GO! Adjust fasteners to your own comfort.
How do I use my Waly Wag bag for treats?
An alternate use of the large compartment can be for treats! Simply lay the lid flat against the inside of the back wall of large compartment and fill this area with loose or bagged treats. Keep lid open for easy access to treats, then close-up the Velcro strips for fresh storage and you will be ready for your next walk! REALLY IMPORTANT: To avoid illness, do not use the compartment that has stored dog waste for treats or other items unless you have cleaned it thoroughly with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol to kill germs. Air dry.
What is the best way to clean the inside and outside of my Waly Wag bag?
Use ‘rubbing alcohol’ (Isopropyl Alcohol, 90%+) with a soft cloth or spray to wipe out the bag to kill germs and clean, then air dry. This is what is used in infectious disease laboratories to kill and sterilize germs
What if I have more than one dog that I walk at one time? What is the best way to use the bag?
One bag should be sufficient for two small dogs. You could get a multi-dog webbed strap and get double duty from one Waly Wag bag – or you could purchase two bags and keep the two dogs completely separated.
What if we have two larger dogs?
We would suggest two separate Waly Wag bags, one on each leash. Since the bags have a 32 ounce capacity – a bag should suffice for most dogs. In the future, we may bring out a larger Waly Wag bag.
I live in the city and have a trash can on each block, why would I need a Waly Wag bag?
You are lucky to have those facilities. However, sometimes in the crush of busy people, bikes and the like, you still have a small distance before you get to the trash can. Of course, many of us have experienced running into your boss, professional colleague, or prospective new friend while dog walking. Who do you want to be? The person walking with a hot, stinky bag of poo in your hand or … the one who can tuck away offending sights and smells until you choose to dispose of it. Waly Wag puts you in control. Don’t forget you can also use your Waly Wag bag alternately for treats for your best friend.
We go camping or hiking on federal property/state park/natural roadside hiking areas with our dog, is this really for me?
Yes, Waly Wag is designed for exactly this situation (limited or no trash receptacles) as well as many others. Some parks have a “No litter left behind” dog waste policy. Most parks have rules and high fines if you do not pick up. Also, I suspect you would want other dog owner’s to clean up after their pets. The ease of a Waly Wag bag allows you to clean your hands and continue enjoying your outdoor experience without the necessity of nearby trash cans.

Thank you for being a part of the Waly Wag story!

The Warranty for this bag will be void if you machine wash or dry, use Clorox or other harsh chemicals.

IMPORTANT! Wipe or spray clean with 90+% Isopropyl Alcohol particularly if use your Waly Wag bag for multiple functions. Wipe out bag with a soft cloth or spray to kill germs and clean, then air dry. This is what we used in Infectious Disease Laboratories to kill and sterilize germs.

CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE if there are any items that are not to your satisfaction. Mail back your bag and we will either replace the bag with a new one or refund your purchase price (less shipping costs) - for up to 30 days from purchase with a copy of your dated credit card receipt/invoice to [email protected]

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