Waly was a very special, long legged, 15 lb. black, poodle-mix. We adopted him from my mom who suffered a sudden illness. He survived many adventures in his life before finding his forever home with us. Having worked for years in Microbiology and Infectious Disease Labs, I had the realization of how strange it is for humans to be swinging around a warm plastic bag of poo! (pretty sure we’ve all done this). Inspired by this, I sewed the first version of my durable Waly Wag bag! From then on, I couldn’t get the idea of this much needed bag out of my mind! My mission is to make this very necessary civic and environmentally friendly act into something a little more pleasant and practical! This bag holds all of your essential needs for going on a mess free walk or hike with your dog!

– Kim Lank, Designer/Owner Waly Wag LLC.


Waly Wag … The Ultimate Dog Walking Bag was Born!


‘Waly’ liked and was liked by every human that he met! When Waly came to us, he needed healing from injuries, having chased cars. He was spunky, and young at heart. He was frequently mistaken for teenager, due to his energy. He passed away at 100 plus years young. So here’s to You – Waly!! WHAT A GREAT DOG!!! Look for our forthcoming Waly Blogs.


We look forward to hearing your dog stories as well – We may post periodic topics such as share your touching or even ‘Funniest Stories’. Like the time I went to shake someone’s hand and forgot I was carrying a poop bag?




We love helping people and pets and believe that our pets make up a large part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle! Most of our pets have been from shelters, so a portion of Waly Wag’s proceeds will be donated to various animal shelters. Find out which shelter we are supporting this month! We are new but are committed to gifting 5%+ and moving up from there! We feel that giving to help animals and their human owners is an important part of who we are! Follow below under our Charities and Donations.


Waly Wag bags help with your local water quality!

Every time you pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste, you greatly improve your area’s water quality! The Waly Wag bag encourages and enables easy pick up of waste every time! Even a child can do it!

(DNA from Dog waste has been found to be one of the major contaminants in the runoff into our streams). Read more at–our-dirty-little-secret-source-of-water-pollution11a23475e7


2017 SPCA Walk For the Animals, we are donating 10%+ to the SPCA from our sales! April 30th

October 2016, we donated 10% of our proceeds to the Higgin’s Pet Fair ( 1st Fundraiser to benefit RUDE RANCH/A NO KILL SANCTUARY, Rude Ranch, (

July 2016, we donated 10% of our proceeds to the Anne Arundel County SPCA from our very first sales event – “SPCA, WALK for the ANIMALS”.

Charitable Product Donations: (Benefactor, Sponsor & Event)

Severna Park Community Center, 2017 Gala, Silent Auction, benefits children’s programs at SPCC, at Chartwell Country Club (Severna Park, MD.)

Fundraiser for, raised money for Children’s Alzheimer’s (Niemann-Pick Disease), Bowie Baysox event

Senior Dog Sanctuary: PAWS sponsored a lovely ‘Yappy Hour’ at Homestead Gardens (Davidsonville, MD.) was held Friday, April 28th

Annapolis Film Festival 2017. Bags used for Social Media Team to hold phones and other accessories

“Thank you for your support in Waly Wag’s efforts to help animals and their humans be happy & successful – together! ” Kim Lank

Owner/Designer, Waly Wag